Monday, May 4, 2015

$100 Wine Gift Certificate Free with Any Print Purchase

Naked Wines is offering a $100 gift certificate with any purchase of my reproduction prints on for a limited time. Check out my entire portfolio here.

When you place an order, they'll e-mail you a $100 gift certificate from instantly. It doesn't matter how large your order is.

Once you receive the gift certificate, all you have to do is visit, enter in your gift certificate code, buy some wine, and you're done! Then, just sit back and wait for the wine to arrive on your doorstep. Before using your gift certificate on, please note the following restrictions:

The $100 gift certificate is only valid for first-time buyers on and can only be applied towards purchases of $160 or more.   You must be 21 years or older to redeem the gift certificate.   Wine can not be shipped outside of the United States.   Additional restrictions apply.

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