Monday, August 26, 2013

Biggest License Plate Map... Ever?

I've been making maps for a long time now out of license plates. Up until recently, the biggest size I'd conquered was 5 feet wide. I'd seen a couple photos out there of 1 or 2 maps that exist that measured twice or three times that. But, I never figured I'd be involved in making one myself!

So, a previous client called and asked, "Just how big of a map COULD you make?"

And so, this project began. Months later, I am ready to ship out a map made of license plates that is 10 feet wide by 6 feet high, and weighs well over 100 pounds. It heads onto a freight truck this week for a trip out west to California, where it will adorn the walls of an aviation company's lobby.

This project was a massive challenge: from the scale of the states, to the concept and creation of a board big enough and strong enough to hold itself up. Check some of the in-progress photos I snapped below. Hope you enjoy!

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