Monday, November 12, 2012

License Plate Map of North America - Canada and United States

I have received lots of requests for this kind of massive piece - and now you can have the print! Email recently that finally got me to create it:

"Hello. I am looking for a licence plate map print or poster of North America. I found your site and I see that you have one of America and of Canada, but not together. Would it be possible to get one that has Canada and America together? I'm wanting to use it to make a table for an old travel trailer we're restoring. The background behind the states and provinces isn't important as I'll be cutting them out, laying them in a new hardwood table I'm making, then using some of that thick pour-on table finish to seal it all in under a thick clear coat. The table dimensions are 42.25" by 30.75", and the map would be oriented "portrait" not "landscape", so the 42.25" dimension is the height not the base."

Sounded like such an awesome project, how could I resist? Now that the print is available, it's time for the real deal. Big dealership outside of Cincinnati, you know who you are... if you are reading this post, let's do this thing!

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