Thursday, July 12, 2012

Congregation Shaarey Zedek Photo Shoot

Before shipping two maps that I have developed a particular fondness for, I stopped by a synagogue on a lonely road in Southfield MI. After circling the grounds for a minute I parked and hoofed it to a couple prime spots around this interesting structure.

I found a great old red wood fence and took a few shots of the license plate maps there. These two pieces are heading out in opposite directions across the country: One to San Fran and the other New York State.

Before packing up and heading to the freight depot, I took one last shot from a bit of a distance to incorporate some of the unique features of the synagogue.

After downloading the shots and sending them to one of my clients, he sent back a quick text saying the following:

All I can say is wow! Absolutely beautiful as well as amazing! I can't wait to see it and will send you shots of it in my home. I will likely ask for another in the future for my office, but want to get settled in the new home first. Again thanks so much! Truly a work of art.

Messages like that really make it all worth while. Hope you enjoy the view!

Photo of Synagogue credit here.

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