Monday, September 12, 2011

Michigan License Plate Flag of the USA

Finally, some pics to post from a recent, very tedious, but rewarding project.

A client in Minnesota commissioned a license plate flag of the United States - and wanted only Michigan license plates used.

Most of the plates needed were relatively easy to acquire - except the white ones. Turns out the last time a Michigan license plates was in white (mass-produced at least, I did find some obscure ones from 1970, which are included) was in 1962 and before that, 1956.

Undaunted, I began to piece together the dozens of plates I would need. Then there was the cutting. By lucky chance, 1962 plates were made of thick, nearly un-cuttable steel!

However, I am pleased (and the client too, thankfully!) with the final result. I dropped it off today for shipping, and it will live long adorning the walls of a man cave in Minnetonka.

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  1. Love this! Especially because of all the Michigan plates. :)