Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Process: Bird and Flowers License Plate Art

Thought I'd reveal what it takes to create a custom piece!

1) Reference Art. In this case my client (also known as my sister!) wanted something that both tied in to her nursery bedding, and paid homage to three states near and dear to her heart: Alabama, Michigan and Virginia.

2) Making the Plan. I sketched out some ideas and then drew them in an illustration program to scale.

3) Compiling the Plates.
Through various sources (online, personal collection, friends) I got ahold of the plates to be used. I wanted bold, simple plates that fit in with the color palette of the nursery.

4) Cutting the pieces. Like usual, with some time, patience and dexterity, the individual pieces for this project began to emerge.

5) Assemble and Enjoy. The finished piece was a lovely addition to my client's decor. She loved it! These plates will live on for who knows how long now instead of joining countless others in the trash heap.

Hope you liked seeing the timeline of this fun project!


  1. Love these! What a brilliant way to use license plates!

  2. ahh! I love it! The yellow birdie is my favorite. :)